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Swarovski Elements FAQ

AR Signature, is a company engaged in the field of high Fashion Designer Specialist in the field of jewelry with Swarovski Crystals. Therefore we, AR Signature has become a Branding Partner of Swarovski Element. Here we attach little knowledge regarding Swarovski.

1. What is Swarovski AG?

Companies that manufacture Crystal Swarovski.


2. What is SWAROVSKI?

Brand of Crystal are in the process with a very precise cutting by SWAROVSKI AG companies. SWAROVSKI Crystal are best man-made Crystal in the world.


3. What do you mean man-made?

It is man-made is because the actual designation for Crystal scientifically is a collection of atoms, molecules, or ions in a particular structure. example of the so-called Crystal in scientific terms are: diamonds, snowflakes, salt and so on.


4. Who is the inventor of SWAROVSKI?

Daniel Swarovski (1862 - 1956) who was born Bohemia



Designation to one line of Swarovski AG which produces Crystal SWAROVSKI unprocessed into finished products (Finished Goods), which is addressed to the designers of the world, and became DESIGNER CHOICE since 1895.


5.1. So SWAROVSKI have some line of business?

Yes, one of them is Daniel Swarovski that focus on finished good as sculpture, etc. Swarovski Optik which focus on manufacturing the lens. Atelier Swarovski, which focuses on working together in the field of fashion with cystal - its crystal, and a few others of his line.


Swarovski also worked with several other well-known brands such as Christian Dior since 1956, and through SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS also worked with brands - brands such as LV, Chanel, D & G, and so on.


6. Where Swarovski Crystal coming from?

From Austria and ONLY from Austria alone


7. Is Crystal SWAROVSKI produce KW 1, KW 2, etc?

NO, SWAROVSKI only be divided into two, ORIGINAL and FAKE. Pieces of SWAROVSKI Crystal has a pattern that is certain and patented, NOT can be emulated by other Crystals


8. What is the difference between SWAROVSKI Crystal to the others ?

- Special Cutting of SWAROVSKI makes Index Of Refraction of SWAROVSKI far exceeds other Crystals, SWAROVSKI Crystals easily be far brighter than Others Crystals.

    - Crystal SWAROVSKI will be much much more durable compared to other Crystal, can survive for many - years even decades without fading

    - Other Crystal will fade if exposed to materials such as eucalyptus oil and so on, while SWAROVSKI, clean the affected SWAROVSKI glue (eg when setting up chasing HP) with eucalyptus oil will make her shine back. (Although not a recommended way to clean SWAROVSKI under normal conditions.

    -  SWAROVSKI Crystal pieces worldwide for the same form will be the same as already defined and in patented.

Picture Talk
I hereby guarantee that the picture above was taken using iPhone camera in the same condition and in the same time without editing on the image.
by me @ AR Signature
Left: Another well-known Crystal, Right: SWAROVSKI




Same Cutting - example

Around the world, Beads SWAROVSKI butterfly - butterfly with code 5754 will have the same Crystal pieces in accordance with SWAROVSKI guide books. Here is one example of the image guide.

And of course the right to make and cut SWAROVSKI Crystal is SWAROVSKI AG alone. The guide book is used as an illustration for the SWAROVSKI distributors worldwide, and can be used to ensure authenticity.


Article By: Almaciga Tjondro - AR Signature ™

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