The Edelweiss Fancy Stone - 120 Years of Swarovski

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The Edelweiss Fancy Stone


Celebrating 120 years



Like his father before him, Daniel Swarovski learned the trade of crystal cutting. But instead of refinement, he wanted perfection. One day he discovered the secret of how to cut crystal in a way that made it sparkle like a gem. To do so, he set up a company in a small town in the Austrian mountains. Here he would use the powers of nature as his ally and under the sign of the edelweiss, Swarovski’s first logo, he started producing what was destined to become the most famous crystal in the world.




It's another Stunning Innovation by Swarovski, Edelweiss. The Flower that known as symbol of everlasting love, at the same time, the first logo of Swarovski. Made with precise facets and complex cut that only Swarovski can do.


Amazing work by Swarovski to produce the most realistic flower that have ever made in crystal. And the Fancy stone is my personal favourite. ( It's the most left )

This Stunning pieces is now on Atelier AR SIGNATURE.

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