Swarovski Innovation Spring Summer 2016

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Swarovski®, the global leader in cut crystal and fashion jewelry, introduces its dazzling new loose crystal assortment of cuts, colors, effects and line extensions for Spring/Summer 2016. Inspired by the season’s inspiration, ‘Between Heaven and Earth’.

from: swarovski professional



Magical cross-cultural - New Fancy Store from Swarovski Element - Budha, Fatimah hand, Greek Cross, and Clover. AR Signature will carry some of those in our design for sure..


Crystal Powder - Some of new Crystal Color from Swarovski for 2016. Crystal Powder Blue, Crystsal Powder Green , Crystal Powder Grey, Crstal Powder Rose, Crystal Powder Yellow.


Pastel Color Crystal Pearls - New color crystal pearls from Swarovski Element. Crystal Pastel Blue Pearl, Crystal Pastel Green Pearl, Crystal Pastel Grey Pearl , Crystal Pastel Rose Pearl, Crystal Pastel Yellow Pearl.


Another Innovation - Emerald Cut Beads, and New Color Crystal Blush Rose from Swarovski


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