FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing Guide

1. Find the products you like and click on "add to cart"

1. Tentukan produk yang anda sukai dan klik "add to cart"


2. After Choosing all the product you want, click on cart icon on the top right and click "check out"

2. Setelah memilih semua produk yang anda inginkan, klik icon keranjang, dan klik "check out"


3. Register your Account if you haven't registered before, or you can log in using facebook account.

3. Bila belum memiliki account, buat account anda terlebih dahulu, atau log in menggunakan facebook.


4. Please make sure that your billing address are correct then continue to next step for delivery detail

4. Harap dipastikan bahwa billing address anda sudah benar dan klik "continue" ke step selanjutnya untuk detail pengiriman


5. Input your delivery method, for customer overseas, please kindly contact us for delivery method.

5. Input pengiriman yang diinginkan, untuk konsumen yang berada di luar negeri, harap menghubungi kami untuk pengiriman.



6. Payment Method, select DOKU Payment Gateway and Continue

6. Cara Pembayaran, pilih DOKU Payment Gateway dan klik "Continue"



7. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER and click confirm order, you'll be redirect to DOKU Payment page

7. KONFIRMASI PESANAN dan klik "confirm order", dan anda akan di redirect ke halaman DOKU Payment



8. Fill in the information required, choose payment method, and confirm, and then, you'll be emailed by DOKU for how to pay and confirm your e-mail.

8. Isi informasi yang diperlukan, cara pembayaran, dan kemudian konfirmasi,setelah itu, anda akan di email oleh DOKU untuk konfirmasi email dan pembayaran untuk keamanan.


9 . This is the email from DOKU, After payment, the goods you ordered will be sent to you on the same day or no more than 1 - 2 working day.

9. Ini email yang anda terima dari DOKU. Setelah pelunasan, barang yang anda pesan akan dikirimkan di hari yang sama atau selambat - lambat nya 1 - 2 hari kerja.


Thank You, Your Satisfaction is Our Pride

Sure, Our store are located at :

Nirwana Sunter Asri 2, Jalan Bisma Raya Blok A4 no.42, Jakarta Utara.

Open Office Hour :

Monday - Friday  : 8.30 - 17.00

Saturday             : 8.30 - 15.00

Sunday               : We are Closed


Yes, for you who have BCA Card, we have 0% Installment for 3, 6, 12 Month Installment.

Personalized Designer Jewelry

Yes, we do custom design jewelry,

In fact, Custom design jewelry, or we would like to call it "Designer's Jewelry", are AR Signature main product since we etablished in 2011.

AR Signature is specialize in wired jewelry from the begining, and since then, it have become our Signature's design.

And we really proud to tell that our customer love our design.

Since it pure handcrafted, which make it unique, very limited, and even with the same model, there will never be 100% exact products.

Easy, the only thing you have to do is make an appointment with our Designer, and we will guide you from there.


Go to the bottom of our website, on Customer Serves section, you will see "contact us".

Simply click on it, and we will contact you very soon.

Well, most of them are either :

- People who want to go to some party, and they like some matching set

- People who love to collect jewelry

- Bride, Bride's Maid, and their family